Attention Bloggers!

Hello everyone.

I’ve posted about one of my brain babies earlier #beyoutiful Movement. If you haven’t read it lemme tell you about it in short. 

The moto of this movement is all about equality. Accepting each others. And to spread love. I’ve basically been running this movement on my facebook page and it makes me feel so good to see people coming forward and join the movement. 

One of them submitted her writing, some submitted pictures with Be.You.tiful written on it and I’ve received a fan art as well.

*This person is actually a great friend of mine!*

Well well I didn’t expect this would actually happen. So now I want to spread this even more, so that more people come to know that goodness still prevails in this world and every time they are feeling low they can have some positive vibes here with us.
So if you like this initiative and If you think this movement can actually spread love and positivity please do let me know. We can talk about it and you can submit your art or literature pieces or anything which promotes equality and positivity.

Your words of love , your art of equality, your thoughts on peace may seem to be simple but can make a great difference in other people’s lives. Together we can make a huge difference.

And thank you to all my 144 followers for reading my stuffs. I really appreciate y’all. Thank you so much for making me smile. 

Here’s the link to my Facebook page.

Thank you. :”)

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