How weird memories are!
They’re the ones who console our poor hearts when no one else can. They’re the ones who hurt us, making us remember how golden the old days were.
They’re the ones who either break or make bonds. 

Bitter memories restrict us from embracing New bonds. While good ones fool us, because nothing is permanent and so is goodness.
They either provide fallacious hopes or endorse some superfluous complexes.
It is so foolish of us to let the memories enslave us for life, even after knowing -night changes! How badly we crave to relive the good memories, to relive the momentary beauties! As if they’ve bewitched all our senses. 
How well we know about the sorcery of memoriae, yet we are bounded to fall prey!

We may, but the memories won’t fade away.

P.s. I clicked this picture while I was holidaying with my family in Gangtok, India. The trip was quite memorable and the scenic beauty of Sikkim is actually unbeatable. Once you visit the place, I bet, you will never be able to forget the breathtaking wild beauty!


World’s Best Bawse!

This is the first time that I’m writing about a book. I’m not writing a review about it. But it’s just that I really wanted others to know about it cause it’s really good!

Back in March this year the YouTube sensation, Lilly Singh aka Superwoman, released her very first book. In this book she guides her readers how to win in life. In her language – ‘How to be a Bawse’!

I’ve been waiting for this book since she announced about it. Well, the wait was long but definitely worth it. I guess the more exciting fact about this book was maybe because Lilly wrote it! Yeah that’s true. I’ve never read a self-help book before. *Disclaimer: This is more than just a mere self-help book.*  Well I tried reading one but couldn’t ever complete reading that. 

Back to the book, this was released in March and I got this book in April as a birthday present. And being a bibliophile I couldn’t have asked for anything better. And as I read the introduction *most of us skip this part of a book but it’s one of the most interesting parts* I knew this was going to be dope!

And she didn’t disappoint me. This book is better than I thought it would be. It’s very realistic and doesn’t give you any false hopes. It tells you that no one’s going to help you unless and until you help yourself. And the most important thing is to practice self-control and try, until you succeed. 

I’ve seen some people getting bored when they start reading books which is based on real facts. But I can assure those people that this book won’t bore you.

*GOT Alert!* Game of Thrones fans, there are special references from the series for you. 

Honestly, the references from various stuffs made it more interesting. And of course Team Super, this book also gives you so many dope pictures of our Mama Unicorn.

This book is the exact reflection of how hard she hustles everyday to keep up with her business. She has truly rooted for us with all her heart!

Thank you for being my daily dose of positivity.

Thanks Lilly!

P.S. I can write more about her but I preferred sticking to the book. Though couldn’t. Haha. 

Labyrinth of Vida

Life gives voids which hurt. It gives wounds which can never be retrieved. It creates numbness which can be felt. It’s a maze. You can never really understand the whole of it. It always leaves me amazed.
Bona-fide words of immense emotions are left unsaid. And a vertible storyteller with sugar coated promises are believed. 

Constellations of shimmery hopes get concealed by clouds of fear. Ah, even it is true that every cloud has a silver lining.

Falling stars are considered to be lucky. But isn’t it true everything which falls, breaks?
They say people grow apart but the love they once shared was true. I ask, is it valued till you are in blues? How can the love once shared mean nothing to you now? Was it even love or just infatuation?
What if life is the heaven we’ve always wished for? What if death gives more pain than being alive? 
Some goodbyes are so hard to accept. And sometimes good bye is the only way left.
Everything seems so paradoxical in life. 
But they say they know a lot about life. So tell me mate, why is there so many mysteries unsolved about the origin of life?
It’s a maze. It’ll always leave you amazed.
Fathom the labyrinth of Vida. It’s a picturesque mess.


I felt the seasons change. 

From spring to summer and then winter came.

Rain washed away the colors of life

And Autumn made the leaves so pale.
I saw the faces changing their colors.

I saw the faces changing with stars.

I sensed life turning into ashes,

Frozen and still, deprived of lively shades!
When there was no hope to be fine,

I found you back, my long lost friend.

I thought I’ve lost you,

But only you appeared in the darkest end!
You promised me of a hand to hold,

When the nights would be bitter and cold.

You promised me of a brighter sunshine.

Your optimism always had me to outshine.
My eyes now have new dreams to dream.

My soul is now filled with joy.

I learnt to love in this world ever changing,

I learnt to walk alone in this journey never ending.
You taught me how to fail and grow.

Yes, you’re within me my friend,

And I became my own superhero!

Label Free

I was born as a human being.

Then I came to know that I’m a girl. I was told to behave in certain ways. Be gentle. Be shy. Talk softly. Everything’s gonna be fine. 

Then I was told about my religion. To pray to a certain deity. To pray in a certain way. To know certain rituals and hymns.

Then I came to know about apartheid. They say I’m a brown. You’re white. He is black. That girl is yellow. And those kids there are red.

And then I stepped into my teens. And soon I was told about the ideal body shape! Flat belly, broader hip, thinner limbs and bigger breasts. 

No one had time to tell us about the ongoing changes in our bodies. Thanks to mom and biology book for educating us and not shy away.

Little did we know about the mischievous plan of these People. They kept provoking us and we kept pushing ourselves to achieve the Ideal Body Shape! 

They taught us how to hate. They taught us how to fight and defend. They taught us how to bring others down. They taught  us how to judge. They taught us how to discriminate. They taught us how be a Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Jew, black, white, brown, red, yellow, girl, boy, transgender, pretty, ugly, rich, poor, and bla bla bla.
We were forced to trod on this venomous path to be socially acceptable. To receive some fake love. To console our poor hearts. 
They talk of dreams and hopes and sparkles. And here I’m trying hard to learn how to unlearn everything that I’ve learned. To unlearn hatred, to unlearn treachery, to unlearn expectations, to unlearn race, to unlearn body shape, to unlearn all the evils of life.

Oh, in the meantime we forgot to even realise that we’re human beings and should be label free!

Standing Tall

The other day I heard someone talking about terrible deaths.
What’s easy death? None of us die easily. Isn’t life enough as a curse?
Life doesn’t come alone. It brings misery, weaknesses, pains and lies.
Here I’m standing amidst this thunderstorm. 
Everyone’s shivering in fear. And me? I’m standing tall and brave. I’m aware of death. I’m always ready to embrace my fate. But never bow down. 

Not even in front of death.
We all suffer. But bravehearts die once. And cowards? Everyday.


This is my Message :
To the boy who told me that I don’t look good because my make up was not on point.

To the girl who called me skinny and advised me to eat something healthy.

To that acquaintance who advised me for regular exercise when I gained weight. I was suffering from eating disorders, acute depression and anxiety.

To the other guy who tried comparing me and my friends with the models wearing their nude make up!

To the (pseudo) men who criticized and slut shamed me for wearing the dresses of my choice and equally eve teased my sisters who wore the GOOD GIRL clothes!

To those women who kept staring at me with a disgust on their face for wearing the dress which their so called moral doesn’t approve.

To the racist who laughed at my rich brown skin.
To everyone, who tried making me feel bad about myself.

And to the SOCIETY who wanted to restrict me according to its double standards.

OPINION matters a lot.

 Just not to me!