Random Tales- part 3

I've been searching for me in the wildest of the places. You were the momentary glimpse who has scarred me for as long as I walk on this earth.  Do you still remember the scent of my existence? A part of me is lost and I think it lingers in your soul. P.S. that's a... Continue Reading →

Hold My Hand- review

Hey lovely people! I'm back after a long time (once again) with a book review. Before reviewing, let's talk about two more things. First of all, there's a decrement in the number of blog posts that I write because hey, I'm super busy with my academics. That occupies a lot of my time and I'm... Continue Reading →

Bloodbath- The Date

Hi. I'm currently stuck in a dark cupboard. How? Let's rewind to 24th January 2019. That was an amazing day. I'd never seen her before but heard of her from her mother. I wanted to meet her and I finally did meet her. She was happy. Very happy. The happiness in her eyes was radiating... Continue Reading →

Where am I?

*please don't let the title of this post fool you to think that this is a conventional post of mine. I just want to interact with y'all.* Hey guys! How are y'all doing? I hope you're doing great. It's been a long time since I've posted anything on my blog. I've been super busy and... Continue Reading →


I boarded a train, happy to finally head towards home. My blue dupatta was a direct contrast to the warmth of my soul.  Little did I know it would be one of the worst possible experiences of my life. I got myself seated next to some well dressed and well educated women, their eyes screaming... Continue Reading →

Depression and thoughts

So, somebody once asked me "were you ever depressed? Oh! You must have been. It's a trend these days."  A part of me knew this, a part of me was shocked, a part of me was angry and a wee bit of me was sad. I knew either she have never had gone through mental... Continue Reading →

My Summer Reads

HeIlo everyone. I'm a big book enthusiast. Also, I've a dream to create my own library one day. But right now I'll be telling y'all about the books I read this summer. *no spoilers* Summer is a great time to read books. Actually the whole year is a great time to read books, isn't it?... Continue Reading →

The secret of My Beauty.

I always look good. No matter what, I'm always glowing. Even when you feel like, "Oh! She's such a mess." I'm still pretty like I've always been. How? I've accepted myself the way I'm. I've accepted myself in every possible ways. I acknowledge true beauty lies within and is reflected on the mirror of life... Continue Reading →

Bell Sleeved Beauty

Bell sleeves take you back to the 70's. But they were originally worn during renaissance for women to hide things in them. They were made up of usually velvet or cotton. But nowadays you can find bell sleeve dresses in a wide range of fabrics.  To give bell sleeves a vintage look, they're often made... Continue Reading →


Dear someone, How are you doing now? I hope you're doing good. I really do. Do you remember how often we used to talk? Actually, day in and day out. I remember myself forgetting chores to do because I was busy talking to you. Jealousy was most probably always a part of us. We got... Continue Reading →

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