Satinique- Amway

And as promised, here's the second shampoo from my favourite's list.  Hold on, just not shampoo I'll also tell you about the conditioner I use along with this shampoo. Shampoo - Satinique (hairfall control shampoo) This works amazing on fragile and thinning hair. It reduces hairfall due to breakage and gives you amazing hair with... Continue Reading →


The Demon!

They said the demon resides in the isolated and dark caves. Located at the end of the dense forest, surrounded only by hemlock trees. The demon has a face, dull and depressed with two dark spots under the eyes and he never smiles. And that was their classical lie! I've a visage painted with happiness.... Continue Reading →

Scars (The modified Version)

Do you remember that scar on your knee? That scar which you got while riding a bicycle for the first time. Remember that terrifying wound you got when you were 10 years old? That race which was meant to be won by you but a little stone became the biggest hindrance. You tripped and fell.... Continue Reading →

Say no to Dandruff!

Hey guys! I hope y'all are doing great. In the next few posts, I'll be writing about my favourite shampoos. So the very first one I'm writing about is Oriflame's Love Nature dandruff control shampoo. Winters can be great because you usually do not sweat *unless you're lifting 10 kilograms of weight or working out*... Continue Reading →

Is acting all about good looks?

I guess just like me, many of you guys have encountered a situation where a person was called "next famous hero/heroine" just on the basis of their beautiful visage. If you didn't encounter such a situation, congratulations. I would love to visit the place you live in. The fact, that many people firmly believe that... Continue Reading →

Random Tales-part 2

I want to lose myself in your wilderness.  Their prettiness is so petty that they're shunned even by petit of all beings. What's the use of their mundane beauty when I can have the rare aroma of your love all over me?  How can someone be so masculine yet so delicate?  I love the way... Continue Reading →

Oriflame Tender Care

Chapped lips- a major problem during winters. When you've chapped lips it becomes difficult to feel good and chapped lips often hurt as well.  When you apply lipstick on chapped lips it become uneven. And if you apply matte lipsticks on chapped lips, it looks more than horrible.  But here's a good solution to this... Continue Reading →

Oriflame Love Nature Cleansing Gel

I'm back with my Beauty and Lifestyle related blog posts. The last post related to this was about Matte Lipsticks. If you didn't read it already then hurry up. Here's the link Tips for lovely Lips. So this is a review for Oriflame's Cleansing Gel (oily skin). I don't usually use this brand's products. I had... Continue Reading →

Real Neat Blog Award

This isn't the first award I've been nominated for but the first one that I've been posting about. Actually I'm hella lazy and then I totally forgot about posting about it. But this time even though I'm already late but still I'll be writing about it.  Thank you so much for nominating me and considering me... Continue Reading →

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